About Us


I love great handbags and have owned many over the years. The love affair was short-lived with some and went on for years with others. That love affair led me to meet the actual love of my life who shares my passion for fashion and accessories. Together we’ve owned and operated our beloved sparkly & successful woman’s accessories shop since 2009.

Sexybags.CA is the next step in the growth of our business, ‘Dr. Cobbler’s Shoes & Swirls’  located in rural southwestern Ontario. In the decade it has been in operation it has become a landmark business in the town, serving thousands of customers in the surrounding region. We’ve successfully brought forth a sexy playful sense of fashion and style into our community and now we’re happily expanding our reach across the country!

Sexybags.CA is for women that see a handbag as more than just a way to carry stuff. Our selection focuses on making a statement towards the colourful side of your personality at an affordable price.

You’re not like everyone else, so why should you look the same as everyone else?

Stand out with a SEXY unique handbag that shows off your personality. Provoke others to admire. They won’t be able to help but proclaim ~ You’re Magnetic & Exclaiming  “I LOVE your handbag!!!”  Let exciting conversations and new connections flow freely…

By all means!  Go ahead!

Treat yourself to an affordable & quality “Statement!”  Let SEXYBAGS.CA assist you in attracting the attention you deserve!